Enrollment Update November 2021

We want to thank all families for their interest in Hillcrest. Our classrooms are currently full for the Fall of 2021. We are building an active waitlist for families who would like to be considered for an unexpected opening. It is our practice to only have two families on any classrooms waitlist. This lets us know who is really interested in joining the Hillcrest family while saving families the time and cost of being on waitlists with little hope of getting in.

As explained under the Enrollment section of the website, Hillcrest uses a Guaranteed Start admission process. We do have the following spaces available in the future for a Guaranteed Start:
September 2022 start date for two children born after September 2021.

If you believe Hillcrest may be the right match for your children please email us at hillcrestak@gmail.com with your child’s birthdate/due date to schedule a tour.

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