We ask that families schedule a tour of the center as soon as possible when looking for care. The preferred time for tours is 10 am, though accommodations will be made for those who need it.  Please email us at hillcrestak@gmail.com with your contact information, child’s birth/due date, desired start date, and three days/times in the next two weeks that work for your family to tour.  We will respond with which one will work for us.

Guaranteed Start Agreement

In most situations, Hillcrest uses a Guaranteed Start when filling openings. This allows families to know for certain when they are able to start at Hillcrest. As soon as the decision that Hillcrest is the place for your child(ren), we will sit down with you and tell you the projected time the next opening will take place in the age/developmental level group of your child(ren). This opening will be made available for you to reserve at that time. Openings are reserved at the time the Guaranteed Start Agreement is filled out with the proper payments. Prospective clients who do not choose to reserve the opening cannot be guaranteed that the opening will be available at a later date.

In some instances, the openings become available before we had originally anticipated. If this happens, you will be given the opportunity to move up your start date. If you choose to move your start date up, your official guaranteed start date will become the new date agreed upon and all the stipulations of this agreement will be effective on the new date.

The $150 Registration fee and $500 tuition deposit are due in order for you to be given a guaranteed start date ($650 total). You will be responsible for full tuition effective the start date, whether or not your child is in attendance. Failure to pay the rest of the first month’s tuition by the first of that month will constitute a forfeiture of the registration fee, any payment toward tuition, and your child’s spot in the center. Tuition deposits are refundable if Hillcrest is provided with a written notice more than one calendar month in advance of your guaranteed start date. The registration fee is non-refundable. Guaranteed Start and Enrollment contracts supersede Waitlist Agreement forms.

Guaranteed start 

Wait List Form


There are situations that occasionally arise due to family emergencies and/or vacations requiring children to be away from the center for more than one week. Hillcrest does not give refunds for days a child is away from the center and does not hold open spots. However, a parent can make arrangements with the Director to pay 50% of the monthly rate for up to two months’ leave to reserve a spot if the child will be gone for a full calendar month. If a parent chooses to pull their child for a month or two, they may:

  • Fill out a Guaranteed Start date form and pay the fees associated to set up a return date, if one is known to be available.
  • Take the risk of losing the spot by not paying. You can check with the Director frequently to see if a spot is still available.

Part-time Spaces

Part-time spaces are limited to space availability. Three or fewer regularly scheduled days, per week, are considered part-time; otherwise, it is considered full-time enrollment. Families must commit to a set weekly schedule to enroll as part-time and are not allowed to switch days. If a family needs to occasionally add a day, they must email a request at least one day in advance. At the time approval is given we will bill the daily fee to your account. Multi-child discount does not apply towards Daily Enrollments.

Required Documents

The following records must be on file before a child will be admitted to Hillcrest Children’s Center. It is the parent’s sole responsibility to get these documents to the Director and keep all information current. Failure to keep these records current may result in the child’s dismissal from Hillcrest.

  • Enrollment Contract 1. Hillcrest Enrollment Contract
  • Emergency Record Card (updated semi-annually) 2. Emergency Card
  • Child and Adult Food Program Enrollment Form and Confidential Income Statement (completed at enrollment and every September)
  • Current Immunization Records (provide updates each time immunizations are given) or a signed medical or religious exemption form approved by the State of Alaska.
  • Annual Physical examination dated within the last 12 months. (Updated yearly)
  • Current childcare assistance authorization, if applicable.
  • Plan of Care, if applicable. While every child has special needs, some are more apparent than others. Hillcrest works with families and specialists to meet the individual needs of each child enrolled in our program. For a child who has been identified as not functioning according to age-appropriate expectations in the areas of cognitive, communicative, perceptual, motor, physical, or social development, Hillcrest is committed to working with the families and specialists to help ensure that child’s success. The Director will create a Plan of Care with the families to be implemented by the teachers so that the child may receive the required help, program adjustments, or related services on a regular basis to function adaptively.


Parents must give Hillcrest a minimum of ONE FULL CALENDAR MONTH’S notice before termination of enrollment. An example would be notice given on April 18th, the earliest date of withdrawal would be May 31st. Parents will be financially responsible for all tuition costs and other appropriate fees through the withdrawal date. Hillcrest can mutually agree to an earlier withdrawal date if the spot can be filled. This does not negate Hillcrest’s ability to terminate a family’s enrollment as otherwise specified in the Parent Handbook.


The Board of Directors establishes Hillcrest’s tuition rates. Parents are given at least 30 days’ notice of tuition rate changes. Based on the input from families and the reality of constant increases in costs, the Board wants families to be aware that tuition will be increased annually. The Board anticipates that future increases in tuition will coincide with the consumer price index for Anchorage and actual costs for Hillcrest.

Infant (thru 37m.)        $1700 full-time       $1360 part-time

Preschool (37+m)         $1540 full-time       $1170 part-time

Annual Resource Fee

An annual resource fee of $150.00 is due September 1 and prorated quarterly for initial enrollment.

This fee is prorated if the date of enrollment occurs in:

Enroll July thru Sept $150
Enroll Oct thru Dec $125
Enroll Jan thru March $100
Enroll April thru June $50

Late Pick-Up Fees

Parents are charged $10.00 for the first 5 minutes, then $1 per minute per child for any child remaining after 6:30 p.m. Parents are requested to contact Hillcrest as soon as possible if they know they will be late. It costs Hillcrest money in overtime when your child is picked up late, as we have to pay for two staff to stay later than their assigned hours. The exception to this rule: If you participate in a board meeting, you will not be charged the additional fee. We encourage every parent to attend board meetings!

Nap Mat

All children are required to have a nap mat after the age of one.  In 2018, families agreed to have Hillcrest purchase the mats at a discount and bill families when their child receives one.  Here is a link to see the mat https://www.amazon.com/Urban-Infant-Preschool-Daycare-Toddler/dp/B005O4LEXE/ref=sr_1_3_a_it/140-3428866-2711821?ie=UTF8&qid=1543166418&sr=8-3&keywords=nap%2Bmat%2Burban&th=1

Payment Terms and Fees

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Hillcrest will accept cash, check, or credit cards.

On the 10th, a late payment fee of $25.00 will be applied to all accounts with payment due unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parent and the Director. One reminder letter will be issued if a parent neglects to pay their bill on time. If a family is late more than two times, they may be required to set up a credit card agreement for payments or have full month of tuition paid in advance. Children cannot attend Hillcrest after the last day of the month in which payment is due unless a payment plan has been submitted, approved, and signed by the Director. If there is no payment or failure to comply with the payment plan, care will be terminated, and past due accounts will be sent to collections or small claims court.

A $75 fee will be added for checks returned/refused by your financial institution and any late fees assessed.

Hillcrest accepts children whose tuition is paid through childcare assistance contracts. However, parents are responsible for the difference between Hillcrest rates and what the State of Alaska will pay. Parents are also responsible for the co-pay listed clearly on the childcare assistance authorization form and for providing all the necessary paperwork in advance. Hillcrest will also notify childcare assistance of past-due accounts, which may limit access to further assistance.

Tax Information

Hillcrest emails out monthly statements showing year-to-date charges and payments. On the first of January, each family will receive an emailed statement showing the prior year’s activity for tax purposes. Hillcrest’s tax ID number is 92-0040360. The registering parent’s/adult’s responsibility is to keep these emails. If you are not receiving these emails, please mark hillcrestak@gmail.com as a known email account and notify the office. There is a charge of $20 for additional yearly tax information inquiries and requires all requests submitted in writing. Allow up to 72 hours for processing of the request.