Why We Give – Zeman Family

We became part of the Hillcrest family in the fall of 2012 when our daughter Claudia was welcomed with open arms into the baby room by Ms. Renae.  From the first day we attended we felt like part of a family.  Claudia is now in 6th grade but is a regular fixture around Hillcrest and she is always welcomed back.  Our son, Mateo, just graduated Hillcrest and started Kindergarden.

The reason Hillcrest is such an amazing place is because of the teachers and staff who have made a commitment to provide the best child care possible.  The teachers who care for our children treat them like they are family.  They provide guidance, care, love and support as if our children were their own.  This care has transcended the assigned room we find our kids in at any given time.  It is clear that all of the teachers take the time to know the kids in the center regardless of the room assignment.  Next time you walk around the center take note of all the greetings your child receives and how the staff and teachers know your child by name.

From the hours of operation, the food program, parents’ night out, to the focus on social growth and outside play – Hillcrest is committed not only to the growth and development of our children but is also committed to ensuring parents are able to balance that ever tricky weight between being a parent and maintaining full-time employment.  This dual commitment really shined during the most difficult days of the pandemic when the Hillcrest staff pivoted operations and created a school age program.  This program allowed us to send Claudia to Hillcrest where they ensured she completed her Zoom classes while being reunited with her former Hillcrest classmates and teachers.  This relieved a work/home stress for us that is hard to put in words and we’re forever grateful.

We give because we want to ensure that the people who care for our children are also taken care of and we hope you will consider giving as well. 

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