COVID Vaccine Household Requirement

Dear Current and Potential Hillcrest Families,
I have completed the vaccine survey discussed at last week’s board meeting, and I am writing to share the good news that we currently have more than 95 percent vaccination rate among eligible household members. After careful consideration of parents’ comments, the Board has approved a requirement that all vaccine-eligible household members of Hillcrest children be vaccinated. I will follow up individually with the few parents who have lingering concerns about vaccines. The board hopes these families will choose to be vaccinated and remain in the Hillcrest family.
The board’s two goals in reaching this decision are (1) to protect our children, who cannot be vaccinated and (2) to give us all as a community the best chance of keeping the delta variant out of Hillcrest this winter and remaining open. Last year, our children were much less likely to be exposed at home because of the level of masking and social distancing happening in Anchorage. This year with so many of us required to return to work in person and no mask mandates, the best available protection for kids is parents’ vaccines.
We appreciate the thoughtful feedback about children and covid vaccines. It will be many months before a vaccine is approved for children under 5, so the Board will consider the issue of vaccines for children whenever they are finally approved.
Thank you all for your efforts to look out for each other by vaccinating, getting kids tested when they have symptoms, and making careful choices about indoor activities as case counts come up again.

Hillcrest Children’s Center

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