Why We Give – Fricaud Family

For us, it was important to be working parents when we had children. We both grew up with mothers who worked outside the home and we felt it was important to model the balance, struggle and sacrifice that we saw growing up as our household grew. And with that, of course, we needed child care.

The only one who loves his teachers more than him is us – big thank you to all of you!!

At four months pregnant, we asked a friend when we should start looking for child care and she told me we were already too late. Within two weeks we had toured every place in town that would return a phone call or email. Hillcrest toured during normal operating hours. It had that big family house feeling, a little chaotic but brimming with love. It also was the only one that offered a Guaranteed Start Date. That was the first of many of Hillcrest’s charitable offerings that stem from their family values.

Our son was born in July 2022 and has been attending Hillcrest since late October that year. That first year is so hard – the illness, the regressions, the teeth, the advice, the hormones – but the support we felt for both Jules’ needs and ours as parents from Hillcrest really helped us though. We don’t have family locally so the Parent’s Night Out events are an absolute game changer. We also love the status updates and pictures throughout the day. The only one who loves his teachers more than him is us – big thank you to all of you!!

We began attending Board Meetings just to understand better how things worked. It became clear quickly that there was a lot going on below the surface and we wanted to help. Money doesn’t solve all problems but many. We volunteered enough hours to get a “Volunteerism Match” from Heather’s company – where the hours volunteered are matched with a monetary donation. 

We plan to donate to the annual campaign because not only will that be matched by at least one of our companies, but because this funding goes directly to staff in the form of bonuses and stocking the breakroom. We need to take care of them because they take care of us – our littles and our families. And things can be tough around the holidays, for a lot of reasons. But we can help make sure they know how much they are appreciated, by all of us! Thank you Hillcrest, for all you do!

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