I am giving to Hillcrest…

Perhaps you are like me in that, aside from your home, Hillcrest is your most often visited destination in Anchorage.  As my youngest child prepares for her start in kindergarten next year, joining her brother in 4th grade, I realize that my long relationship with Hillcrest Children’s Center is going to change dramatically next fall.  Since first visiting when I was pregnant with my now 9 year old, I knew that Hillcrest offered the kind if care I wanted for my child.   In addition to the amazing staff, many of whom have been at Hillcrest since my first visit, Hillcrest offers a true sense of community to its families.  As a parent, I feel supported and I know that staff and leadership will always take the time necessary to talk with me about the many challenges and triumphs that children experience as they grow. Further, as I have enjoyed watching my son and daughter develop buddies at Hillcrest, my husband and I have also made lasting friendships over the years.  It will be with heavy but joyful hearts that we will transition from active to “alumni” status next year, and I know that our connections to the Hillcrest community will remain strong.

Like our family has evolved over the years, so has the Center itself. The Hillcrest team has gone to great lengths to make each classroom and shared space in our aging building a vibrant, joyful, and fun place for our kids.  Similarly, I really appreciate not only the large outdoor space we have (supplemented with the many parks of Government Hill), but that Hillcrest so openly embraces creative outdoor play, and has designed their yard space to ensure our kids get to have fun outside every day.

Because Hillcrest is and has remained such an important place for our family, I am giving to this year’s annual campaign. In addition to supporting necessary deferred maintenance and improvements for the 60 year old building, the annual fund will support holiday bonuses to the wonderful Hillcrest staff.  The professionals at Hillcrest spend each day helping our kids learn, have fun, be nourished in body and spirit, and develop social and emotional skills in a supportive and loving setting – I am honored to help ensure they each get a year-end gift reflecting our gratitude.

I ask that you please join me in supporting Hillcrest’s annual campaign. You can make a tax deductible donation via credit card, via Paypal, or by dropping a check at Hillcrest.  Thank you for your consideration.

Alison (Archie and Maude’s Mom)

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