Why I gave

I gave what I could to Hillcrest, knowing that it would support the amazing staff and building that I whole heartily trust with my child. My Hillcrest story starts with me as an employee. Hillcrest took me in right after high school and I was known, as Ms. Kim. Ms. Renee and Mr. Jim were my mentor teachers. They taught me everything I needed to know about caring, loving and teaching children. I remember my very first Hillcrest holiday bonus! It was cash that was collected from the parents, just like this Annual Fund Giving Campaign. It was a great surprise and I remember feeling so appreciated. When I became pregnant with Jordan I knew exactly where I wanted him to go. I told the office and got on the wait list at only 5 weeks pregnant. I knew that Hillcrest would provide my child with love, smiles, and memories that I also gained while working there. As a Kindergarten teacher now, I’m so thankful for the structure and social emotional learning that happens at Hillcrest. My child has made friends, learned songs and gotten messy! Hillcrest’s play-based philosophy is just what my busy boy needs.

Hillcrest needs your help! Let’s show them some love! If you haven’t done so yet, please consider a donation that will help support this magical place! You can round up your monthly tuition, make a one-time contribution, add it to your monthly statement or simply use the pay pal link below.

Thank you!

-Kimberly and Marshall Elliott (Jordan’s parents)

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