Why we give…

I’m sure, like you, on the day our son – Sawyer – was born, I was filled with the kind of overpowering, all-consuming love that changes your heart forever.  My husband and I had no idea how we were going to manage childcare as full-time, working parents in demanding professions.

In finding childcare, one thing was certain: we needed to identify a solution that offered Sawyer the same love and devotion daily that we, his parents, provided. A space that he would feel safe enough to learn, comfortable enough to explore, and secure enough to develop self-confidence.

That kind of love can’t be seen. It can’t be planned into a curriculum, no matter how informed. It can’t be built into the walls of a building, no matter how new. That kind of love can only be felt.

The reason my husband and I send our son to Hillcrest, and the reason we financially support the Annual Fund Campaign, is because we know that Sawyer is loved as deeply and cared for as compassionately as we provide for him at home.

After two years of attending Hillcrest, you can see this result in Sawyer; a little boy who is eager for knowledge, possesses a strong sense of self, and is bursting with confidence.

I hope you’ll join my family in giving to this year’s Annual Campaign to ensure that the staff who love our children every day just as we love them, are thanked. And that the building that we send our children to everyday is maintained as a safe, comfortable and secure environment. Hillcrest is a special space, a place of love, a home to Sawyer; this is why we give.

You can join us by making a tax-deductible donation via credit card, PayPal, or by dropping a check off at Hillcrest.

-The Milliken Family: Eric, Elizabeth, Sawyer (Preschool) and Bridger the Dog

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